Surrey Fitness Camp Latest News and Events!

Snowy Godalming Boot Camp!

Despite the snow causing chaos in Surrey that meant some of you were snowed and unable to make it we still had 34 at our Saturday class in Godalming!! Shoutout to those members that came from miles away, battling through the snow which is really bad further away – Tom, Steve, Dani all the way from Fernhurst, Sam from Liphook, Tamsin, Caroline and James made it from Cranleigh, Naiomi, Paulina came from the South pole that is Grayshott & Alex from mountain town... read more

Surrey Fitness Camps – January Leaderboard winners!

Our new Surrey Fitness Camps initiative for 2019 is an ‘Attendance Leaderboard’ with a monthly, quarterly and yearly leaderboard produced with a prize for winners! January has been a crazy month, lots of you getting on it after an epic Christmas eh! We’ve super busy classes and LOADS of members smashing it hard getting their butts along to classes!  Top of the Leaderboard for January is……drum roll…..Godalming regular Annabelle Flint! 🏆 Annabelle came to an amazing 23 sessions in January that included 13 classes and 10 small group Personal Training sessions! That’s a whopping 23 sessions in 30 days! What a star!!! Annabelle pipped Justin by one session! Justin came second with 22 sessions (19 classes and 3 small group PT) with third place going to Naomi who did 21 sessions (18 classes and 4 small group PT) JANUARY TOP TEN. 1/ Annabelle Flint – 23 (13 classes, 10 PT) 2/ Justin Wheatley – 22 (19 classes, 3 PT) 3/ Naomi Kevern – 21 (17 classes, 4 PT) 4/ Tara Phillips – 18 (17 classes, 1 PT) 5/ Hywel Madden – 17 (15 classes, 2 PT) – Anne Swallow – 17 (12 classes, 5 PT) 7/ Amanda Henderson – 16 (16 classes) – Ali Watts – 16 (11 classes, 5 PT) – Kelly Mc – 16 (15 classes, 1 PT) 10/ Dani Marsh – 15 (13 classes, 2 PT) – Sam Lawrence – 15 (13 classes, 2 PT) – Rich Dow – 15 (13 classes, 2 PT) All January scores will be added to produce a quarterly and yearly winner plus over all top 10! We start fresh in February so let’s see who’s going... read more

Photos: Godalming snow day = sleds day!!

Only one thing on a snow day! SLEDS!!!  Well done to all those that braved the snow and came to our Friday Godalming Boot Camp class this morning! Also big up to those who did a one to one with us today and a massive shoutout to our two small group Personal Training guys and girls who battled through the snow to make it this evening!! ❄️ Looks like we’ll have another snowy workout tomorrow  – remember it’s a 9am start for our Saturday Godalming Boot Camp! See you there!!!... read more

Small group Personal Training in Godalming, February dates on sale now!

Two brilliant groups this morning for our Sunday small group Personal Training sessions with Anne, Hayley, Alex, Lizzie, Una, Amy, Julian, Annabelle, Monika & Sarah! FEBRUARY PLACES ON SALE NOW! Each week we do 8 semi-private small group Personal Training sessions in Godalming that are open to anyone to join costing just £15 so a super affordable way to have a Personal Trainer. Sessions are for groups of 4-5 only and are held at Holloway Hill Recreation Ground in Godalming. It’s all about Barbells, Kettlebells, squats, jump boxes, pull ups, deadlifts, clean and press, squats and more! View all February dates & times. Get booked on, get in touch... read more

Our Godalming, Guildford & Haslemere fitness community continues to grow!

We finished an incredibly busy week at Surrey Fitness Camps with 42 members out this morning for another epic Saturday Boot Camp class in Godalming! Everyone enjoy that one?? 😱 Our unique fitness community in Godalming and Haslemere continues to grow – this week we’ve had 8️⃣ classes with 2️⃣2️⃣8️⃣ of you attending! 👏 We offer everyone a free, no-obligation two week trial membership. Get in touch today and start coming to our classes straight... read more

Our Friday morning Godalming Boot Camp crew! 💙

ANOTHER busy one! 30 members out this morning for our Godalming fitness Boot Camp despite it being flippin’ freezing!!! ❄️❄️❄️ Well done ladies plus James, Andy, Hywel & Julian! What an incredibly busy 2019 so far! We had another two new starters today – Alice & Ann, plus last night we had Lucie, Martin & Stephen. We make it 28 new starters in 14 days! We offer everyone a free, no-obligation two week trial membership. Get in touch today and start coming to our classes straight... read more

All five Christmas Godalming classes SMASHED!

✅ Five Christmas classes ✅ 197 members ✅ Tara, Kelly, Annabelle and Justin did all five classes! Our fitness gods of Godalming and Haslemere who smashed it over the Christmas period coming to all five classes! Annabelle in fact came to a small group PT session yesterday as well so six workouts in seven days! Legends!... read more


Our final class of 2018 had a whopping 43 of you this morning in Godalming to run with a sled all the way around the park, boxing with sprints, tons of press ups, jump squats and sit ups with one round of the steps to finish! What a great class (don’t lie you know you enjoyed it) to finish 2018 with so many coming for one last beasting! We can’t wait to make Surrey Fitness Camps even bigger and badder in 2019! Have a good one guys and thank you for your amazing support, loyalty and friendships. See you back on it hard from... read more

We’re hiring – fitness instructor, personal trainer wanted in Godalming, Haslemere Cranleigh, Guildford!

We’re gearing up for a massive 2019 – we are looking for two fitness Instructors to join our current Godalming, Haslemere and Guildford teams AND we are launching new areas including Cranleigh & Liphook in January-March 2019 plus launching new franchises in the spring. We’re looking for two fitness Instructor to join our team now in Godalming, Haslemere and Guildford to teach our outdoor group fitness classes, small group Personal Training and one to one sessions. Looking for a new career? No qualification or experience needed as for the right person we can provide full training, qualifications and give you the vital experience needed. Get in touch today for more info and arrange an informal... read more

39 members out this morning for our Christmas Eve Godalming class!

Amazing to have another huge turnout at our Godalming class this morning! Every class lately has had 30++ turning up! Tug-o-war is becoming a bit of an SFC Christmas Eve tradition – the end of the session tug-o-war! So many members this morning we had two semi finals first! 💪  ... read more