Surrey Fitness Camp Latest News and Events!

FIFTY ONE!!! What a start to 2020 at Surrey Fitness Camps!

What an incredible turnout for our Saturday morning Godalming class today with 51 of you all pumping it hard! Our first full week of 2020 has seen 267 of you across our 9 Godalming and Haslemere classes – an amazing average of almost 30 per class! On top of that we have had 45 members take part in our 8 small group Personal Training sessions! We have had you all sprinting with sleds, Boxing and lifting weights this week with more craziness planned for next... read more

Natasha tops Surrey Fitness Camps December leaderboard!

Natasha topped the December leaderboard coming to an incredible 32 session!!!! 🏆 Making it to 32 sessions in a month is a record!!!! Natasha made it to 30 classes and 2 small group Personal Training sessions! 👏 Well done everyone that made the top 10 this month, especially Liz who had a cracking month and Sam who made the top 10 for the first time! DECEMBER TOP 10 1/ Natasha Nicholson – 32 (30 classes, 2 PT) 2/ Gavin Minnell – 28 (23 classes, 5 PT) 3/ Kelly McCraith – 23 (16 classes, 7 PT) 3/ Naomi Kevern – 20 (12 classes, 8 PT) 5/ Dani Marsh – 19 (17 classes, 2 PT) 6/ Becky Stevens – 18 (13 classes, 5 PT) – Liz Waters – 18 (17 classes, 1 PT) – Adrianne Brown – 18 (14 classes, 4 PT) 9/ Kelly Williams – 17 (12 classes, 5 PT) – Sam Edgar – 17 (13 classes, 4 PT) – Sabrina Brown – 17 (15 classes, 2 PT) Well done Natasha and everyone that made the top 10 in... read more

Kinghams Restaurant in Shere sponsor Surrey Fitness Camps annual awards!

Thanks to the incredible generosity of Kinghams Restaurant in Shere we have £180 in vouchers to give away to some lucky members! What we are thinking is giving the vouchers to three members: 1/ The members who tops our ‘Attendance Leaderboard’ in the whole of 2019. We’ll produce a overall top 10 for the entire year and give them a voucher! 2/ Our first ever ‘Members Member of the Year Award’ – we’ll leave it up to you guys to chose TWO winners!!! (yeah what a cop out!). You can either comment or tag a member on our Facebook post or email us with the name of the person you think has smashed it this year! We can think of about 10 members who have done amazing this year, have improved their fitness beyond recognition and really added to our lovely fitness community!  Huge thanks to Jack at Kinghams Restaurant for the vouchers! Guys – give them a like their Facebook page and/or follow them on Instagram! Ok guys, over to you! Let us know who you think should... read more

Godalming Christmas Eve tug-o-war competition!

So much fun this morning at our Godalming Boot Camp! 😀 Feast your eyes on this mornings tug-o-war on what is becoming a Surrey Fitness Camps Christmas Eve tradition! Check out the Girls vs Boys at the end! Congrats to the winning team – Lucy, Natasha, Jo, Hywel, Stas, Liz, Sabrina, Sophie, Dominick and Lindsay 💪... read more

Photos! Surrey Fitness Camps Christmas Party!

Another successfully drunken Surrey Fitness Camps Christmas Party! 🎉🎄 Thanks everyone for coming along! Who’s hanging big time this morning? Our money is on Libby, Naomi, John, Gavin…. Thanks as always to the Rose and Crown in Godalming for hosting us (how are we not barred!?!). You can see the full gallery on our Facebook page, here’s a few of our favourite photos before it all got a bit... read more

Surrey Fitness Camps Christmas Timetable!

As always, we run our fitness Boot Camps classes and small group Personal Training sessions 52 weeks a year and probably not far off 365 days a year! This year once again there will be loads of classes and small group Personal Training sessions over the festive period in Godalming and Guildford to limit the damage. Try and come as often as you can if you are local over Christmas – classes are always very busy, it’s a great time to ramp up your fitness with lots of classes and to build momentum into January! Our Christmas timetable runs from Monday 23rd December – Sunday 5th January: – Monday 23rd December, 9am at Holloway Hill Rec Godalming – Monday 23rd December, 7:15pm at Sutherland Memorial Park, Guildford – Monday 23rd December, 7:30pm at Holloway Hill Rec Godalming – Tuesday 24th December, 9am at Holloway Hill Rec Godalming – Friday 27th December, 9am at Holloway Hill Rec Godalming – Friday 27th December, 5pm & 6pm small group Personal Training at Holloway Hill Rec Godalming (Booking required) – Saturday 28th December, 7:45am Boxing PT at Holloway Hill Rec Godalming (Booking required) – Saturday 28th December, 9am at Holloway Hill Rec Godalming – Sunday 29th December, 8am & 9am small group Personal Training at Holloway Hill Rec Godalming (Booking required) – Monday 30th December, 9am at Holloway Hill Rec Godalming – Tuesday 31st December, 9am at Holloway Hill Rec Godalming – Thursday 2nd January, 9am & 10am small group Personal Training at Holloway Hill Rec Godalming (Booking required) – Thursday 2nd January, 7:30pm at Holloway Hill Rec Godalming – Friday 3rd January,... read more

Godalming member Sabrina wins November ‘Member of the Month’!

After another super busy Godalming Saturday Boot Camp class we presented long standing (suffering?) member Sabrina with a well overdue ‘Member of the Month’ award. We can’t believe Sabrina hasn’t won this award as yet and had to double check but somehow she has slipped through the net….until today! Sabrina has been a member of Surrey Fitness Camps for years and one the most loyal and dedicated members that we have at Surrey Fitness Camps! She’s a real superstar of Surrey Fitness Camps. Never gives anything less than 100% at every class, so determined and the hardest worker we have who goes until she drops! Consistently Sabrina makes it to 3-4 classes a week almost every week and as a result is incredibly fit! Most importantly though Sabrina is also a lovely person who is incredibly popular and likeable, forging great friendships with loads of members. She’s also got a great sense of humour, puts up with Mark’s wonderful humour giving it back just as good! Congrats... read more

New Boot Camp classes at George Abbot School, Guildford!

George Abbot School is the new home of Surrey Fitness Camps Guildford! Classes will include our legendary outdoor Boot Camps, HIIT and Boxing fitness classes. We will also be offering one to one and small group Personal Training! CLASS TIMETABLE Tuesday 7:15pm-8:15pm Thursday 7:15pm-8:15pm Saturday 9am-10am Try us for FREE – we offer everyone a FREE two-week trial membership with us! We have been running Surrey Fitness Camps classes for over nine years with 400 members coming to classes every week. Our community focussed classes have created a great a unique fitness community of members of all ages, fitness level and abilities that make all new joiners feel welcome and part of the group. Our classes are a mix of cardio, HIIT and strength/conditioning – check us out on Facebook and Instagram to get a flavour of what to expect! The best thing about joining us at Surrey Fitness Camps is you will also be able to attend all our Godalming and Haslemere classes as part of your membership where we have 12 more classes every week! This means you get even more choice and value for money! We are also super flexible – you can come to ANY class on the timetable, any location and you don’t need to book or commit to a certain class. Get your FREE two-week trial today and try our George Abbot classes!... read more

Video: New Boxing Personal Training sessions launched,

In September we launched brand new ‘Boxing PT’ sessions that have gone down a treat with huge improvements already in members – check out the videos of Naomi, Tania and Sarah! In groups of just 4/5 members you will be expertly taught Boxing technique, combinations and perfectly master all boxing skills. If you are interested in these Boxing based Personal Training sessions drop us an email back. There is only the odd spot available this month and November dates are released tomorrow. On top of the three weekly Boxing PT sessions we do 8 small group Personal Training sessions that are open to anyone to join costing just £15 so a super affordable way to have a Personal Trainer. Sessions are for groups of 5 and are held at Holloway Hill Recreation Ground in Godalming. Check out a video from last Sundays three sessions! Over half of all members do our small group Personal Training sessions alongside classes with the small group strength and conditioning sessions a perfect compliment to our classes!  We have very limited availability in November. Do check out the dates & times and drop us an email if you fancy doing a session or... read more

Surrey Fitness Camps Latest Round up!

Despite the very wet start to October we’ve had a pretty epic last few weeks at Surrey Fitness Camps. We’ve had some huge attendances, some cracking classes in Haslemere, everyone favourite major lung and leg burn classes in Godalming! We launched brand new Boxing PT sessions and our small group Personal Training sessions continue to be hugely popular! Lots to update you all on including the Christmas Party, our ‘Attendance Leaderboard’, the latest ‘Member of the Month’, small group PT dates/times and much more, here goes…. SFC Members ‘Attendance Leaderboard’ – Justin and Kelly Joint Winners! Justin and Kelly Mc topped the Leaderboard in September with 26 sessions each in 30 days! 🏆 Justin made it to 19 classes and 7 small group Personal Training sessions with Kelly getting her bum along to 18 classes and 8 small group PT sessions! Superb effort guys! 👏 Well done everyone that made the top 10 this month, especially Alice and Alan who made the top 10 for the first time after a cracking month – keep it up!!!! SEPTEMBER TOP 10 1/ Kelly McCraith – 26 (18 classes, 8 PT) –  Justin Wheatley – 26 (19 classes, 7 PT) 3/ Naomi Kevern – 23 (15 classes, 8 PT)  4/ Becky Stevens – 21 (13 classes, 8 PT)  5/ Paulina Grot – 18 (15 classes, 3 PT)  –  Rachel Chennel – 18 (11 classes, 7 PT)  –  Liz Waters – 18 (17 classes, 1 PT)  –  Alice Freeman – 18 (10 classes, 8 PT)  9/ Gavin Minnell – 17 (15 classes, 2 PT)  10/ Susanne Botting – 16 (16 classes)  –  Alan Mason – 16 (16 classes)  All September scores will be... read more